How To Be Authentic And Live The Good Life, Part 1

How to be authentic? Read on to find out…

how to be authentic

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Business Failure? 2 Surprising Reasons For It

Business failure is never definitive. There is always a way to turn things around.

business failure

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Money Problems? How To Stop Being Neurotic About Money

Money problems? Find out what to do to put an end to them.

money problems.

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Get Motivated With Gamification

Gamification Infographic

Created by Knewton and Column Five Media

Do You Make These 7 Blogging Mistakes?

blogging mistakesBlogging mistakes like writing too much and saying too little are easy to make.

We all want to write engaging blog posts.

It’s something that fills us with a sense of discovery and awakens the reader to a new insight.

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Writing Well: Getting The Words Right

writing wellWriting well made me a wizard who spun spellbinding words.

Even at a young age, I understood the power of words to bend reality.

Used with deft and cunning, words can make improbable things appear possible.

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This Is What Happens When You Chase Illusions

chase illusions

When you chase illusions, you’re preferring the urgent to the important. This will not only leave you empty handed but you’ll also betray your soul.

It’s impossible to find the secrets to life if you chase illusions.

Pursing pleasure alone does not bring you happiness, and it’s often meaningless.

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