How To Be Authentic And Live The Good Life, Part II

How to be authentic? Read on to find out more …

How to be authentic

People who have an uncommon abundance of goodwill endow everything they touch with a soulful quality. For want of a better term, let’s call them authentic (as opposed to “fake” or pretentious people).

An authentic person has some distinct characteristics that separates them from ego-bound people.

As an authentic person:

1. You can be trusted.

You win people’s trust without trying because you are honest and straightforward. You don’t lie because you have a hidden agenda.

Since you say what you mean and do what you say, you don’t steal, cheat, hoodwink or try to take unfair advantage over others by saying what they want to hear to meet your own needs.

Everyone you meet knows almost instinctively that you are reliable. Your word is your bond, and you are always a true friend or loyal ally because you shun guile and deceit.

2. You respect differences.

You understand that without tolerance and acceptance, human relationships can be chaotic because we are all so different.

As a consequence, you prefer courtesy and kindness because you consider other people’s feelings when you speak. Additionally, you don’t threaten or hurt others.

Although disagreements may arise despite your best intentions, you deal with them in an amicable way.

3. You take full responsibility.

You do what you say you will do and you don’t let others pick up the slack for you.

You plan ahead, work diligently, and persevere until you complete your task.

You practice self-control and self-discipline, and you think before you act. When you can, you try to set a good example for others because you understand how carefully chosen words and quiet noble deeds can have a positive impact.

When things do go wrong in a situation, you don’t look around for people to blame. Instead, you wonder how you could have played your part better.

4. You are caring and compassionate.

You are kind to all sentient beings, and you show compassion and care. You help when you can, express gratitude, and forgive others their thoughtless acts against you. You also understand how to be charitable and altruistic.

5. You are generous.

You share your talents to enhance life. You neither hoard your material wealth or best ideas. Instead of clinging to those things that give you an unfair advantage over others, you share what you can with those willing to receive. In short, you are aligned with the spirit of love.

People Who Know How To Be Authentic

Although real people can be trusted, respect others, take responsibility, play fair, show care and compassion, and practice generosity, they aren’t idealizations.

While they are also rare, magical, and beautiful, they live among us.

For the most part, they are humble. It’s hard to notice them because they don’t brag about their virtues or draw attention to their accomplishments. They are often perceived as wonderful people, and you hardly notice they live in a perpetual state of quiet grace.

They may be your friends and neighbors, or they may be members of your own family.

Remember Your Real Nature

The good life arises by remembering the loving nature within you covered up by the anesthesia of cultural conditioning. Awakening from the trance, you remember that you are love and light, music and awareness.

While many real people live quietly among us. Not all are anonymous. Some are stunning successes.

Here, for example, are three individuals who know how to be authentic:

Oprah Winfrey does more than spread enlightening ideas through her television show, she has also donated millions to charities around the world. She has three foundations: The Oprah Winfrey Foundation, The Angel Network, and Oprah Winfrey Operating Foundation.

Richard Branson travels to the remote regions of Africa to build schools. He doesn’t just send a check; he goes there in person to see how he can help. After Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, Branson organized to fly 40,000 blankets to refugees fleeing into Jordan.

Elon Musk co-founded the e-payment company Paypal. He then started Space X, the first private company to launch rockets into outer space, and Tesla Motors, which builds sexy electric cars. His vision is to free us from our dependency on fossil fuels and to make us a space-faring civilization.

Be Yourself

If the idea of cultivating character resonates with you, it’s because that’s your true nature calling out to you. Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, and Elon Musk have turned their lives into a living, breathing work of art.

They are changing the world right before our eyes. They are pushing humanity onward and upward.

In your own way, reach out and touch the world with your will and faith and talent. Be a real person. You don’t have to pretend anymore to be somebody you’re not. It doesn’t take an act of will or discipline to learn how to be authentic. Just be yourself. That’s more than enough.

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