How To Escape The Terrible Destruction Of Entropy

Entropy is a basic law of physics. It affects human life, too. Read on to find out how to counter it’s debilitating effects on your own life:


Imagine a life, where nobody sets any goals or accomplishes much out of the ordinary.

You might imagine we’re there already, but humor me for a moment.

Most of us aspire for more and better. We want more money, success, and achievement. And we want better ideas, possessions, and relationships.

Some of us take the necessary steps to change things. But many of us have given up and just react to change.

3 States of Being

According to Eric Berne’s Script Analysis, a simply typology is to think of people as either winners, losers, or non-winners.

A winner is someone who aspires for a better life. Winners wage a massive battle against inner demons and outer obstacles. They get to where they want to go. Someone who once suffered the privations of poverty may now have wealth. Someone who was once sickly may now be in a state of good health. And someone who was once lonely may now be in a happy relationship.

Losers are just the opposite. They may resign themselves to a terrible situation in a state of learned helplessness. Or they may have started out well, either through inheritance or merit, and then lost much of it.

Finally, there are the non-winners. Since they both win and lose, its hard to keep track  of whether they are moving ahead or falling behind. Most of humanity falls in this gray zone of mediocrity.

These states are not fixed. You can go from one to another. Still, for most people, one becomes their primary way of living in the world.

In truth, our true nature is teleological. We strive to achieve something that we didn’t have before. We all want to be winners.

The difference between all three states of being is the use of personal energy. This energy is a blend of mind, body, and spiritual forces.

The force that influences your state of being is entropy.

What is Entropy?

About 300 years ago, Isaac Newton discovered entropy. He said everything in the universe is moving toward increasing disorder, disorganization, and collapse. Physics calls it, the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

All closed systems experience entropy.

If you park a bus in a parking lot for hundreds of years, it will experience entropy. The wheels will get flat. The body will rust. The windows will crack. The atomic structure of the bus will reach a point of total disorganization.

This is what happens in human life, too. Over time, orderly things fall into disorder.

Human life fluctuates in one of three phases of entropy.

3 Phases of Entropy

At any time in life, you will find yourself  experiencing chaos, order, or negentropy.

Let’s take a look at how each of these affect your happiness and well-being.

1. Chaos

In this phase, entropy is at its maximum level.

It seems as if everything is falling apart. Usually, it’s just one thing that’s falling apart, but everything else connected to it appears to be disintegrating, too.

A common example is work. If you do work, you hate, you are flirting with chaos. Since you spend most of your time at work, you are miserable most of the time.

This sense of misery affects your whole life. It affects how you look after your money, your level of self-esteem, and how you relate to the world.

If you are in this zone:

  • You age faster because you eat comfort foods and don’t exercise.
  • You’re angry, depressed, or frustrated most of the time.
  • You prefer sarcasm to good humor.
  • You embrace the philosophy of cynicism and feel skeptical about everything.
  • Your favorite pastime is the conversational game of “ain’t it awful.”
  • You enjoy the company of other disillusioned people.

Of course, doing work that does not suit your natural temperament is just one example. It’s not the only only cause of chaos. Chaos can arise from many sources like the environment, relationships, a health crisis or something else. In the words of Morpheus in the Matrix, “It’s like a splinter in your mind.”

This is a phase when you’re losing.

2. Order

In this phase, entropy is at a neutral level.

This state can appear like a heavenly reprieve after a time of chaos.

How you get here is a bit of a miracle.

Perhaps, chaos got to a point where everything collapsed and you make a fresh start. Or, you may have experienced some good fortune that pulled you up to higher ground.

When you are in the state of order, you think all is well. You may not be happy, but at least, you’re not miserable anymore.

It is a temporary phase, a resting place, a lull in the storm.  Here the seeds of chaos or negentropy are now germinating., and you will plunge into one or the other.

If you do nothing, then you will fall back into chaos. If you use your personal energy, then you will flourish through negentropy.

This is a phase where you’re neither winning nor losing.

3. Negentropy

In this phase, entropy is at it’s minimal level.

Negentropy is the opposite of entropy. It is negative entropy.

In negentropy, things get better because you reinvest energy back into the mind-body system. You experience personal growth and your life flourishes.

Since you are intelligent, you are an open system and  can affect change by using negentropy.

Here are some examples of being at cause in your life:

  • Pursuing intellectual growth through study sharpens your mind. You find life much more fascinating. It fills you with a sense of awe and wonder.
  • Adopting good health habits, like diet and exercise, increases health and vitality.  You enjoy physical experiences.
  • Contributing in some way increases your appreciation for life. You develop a rich network of friends and enjoy happy adventures.
  • Managing your finances allows you to access more opportunities in life. Your earning ability improves. You get wiser about spending, saving, and investing.
  • Treating other people well increases your experience of joy, friendship, and love.

This is a phase where you’re winning.

You Only Have One Meaningful Choice

The only way to counter the effects of entropy is through negentropy. You have to decide to be a winner. When you do, you are turning your back on the hell of losing or the enervating gray zone of non-winning. Remember, a phase of equilibrium and order is only temporary. It’s not your final destination. It’s only a place where you can decide to do constructive things or do nothing and let chaos take over again.

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