Employee Mentality Versus Boss Mentality


When it comes to technology, whether you are building new devices, creating an app, or creating an online business, Steve Jobs’ advice to stay hungry, stay foolish is perfect.  You need both drive and open-minded thinking to be successful. You have to understand the difference between an employee mentality versus boss mentality.
Let’s face it. Most people are a little intimidated at the idea of stepping outside an employee mentality. We do it even when we have misgivings about being underpaid, overworked, and unappreciated for the most part.

Some people, however, think of breaking free and starting their own business…but since they never had any formal training on how to do it, things often don’t turn out to well.


You don’t have to be caught in either trap because My Online Business Education (MOBE) has the products, people, and experience to show you how to build your own business and get the right things done to bring in the money…all while giving you the freedom to do it your own way.

Is It A Scam?

If it were a scam, I would never have joined it. I did my due diligence before I signed up. The reality was far different from many negative reviews I saw online.

There are reviews online about my online business empire scam. These are made by people who either never joined it and just want to attract attention to their rival business, those who just looked at it but did not join it, or by those who joined it but took no constructive action and then complained that it doesn’t work.

But, don’t take my word for it, here are some facts to straighten out the record:

At age 27, Matt Lloyd created ‘MOBE’ in 2011 as the solution to the biggest problems the industry was facing…a 97% failure rate in starting an online

The company and community has continued to grow ever since.

Now an 8-figure/year business with over 60 staff, and over 10,000 active partners, the company puts on live masterminds all around the world for
serious entrepreneurs.

Over 370,000 entrepreneurs subscribe to the MOBE list and have benefited from its training and systems.

They are obviously doing something right to be this successful.

My own experience of MOBE is that it is much more than a business education company. It’s a community of like minded people who share their successes and failures, and that goes all the way up to Matt Lloyd at the top of the ladder.

The educational online courses include lead generation, outsourcing,licensing, scaling, product creation, sales funnels, face to face sales, marketing, branding and more.

The company also provides a wide range of MOBE business support services to help take some of the burden off the shoulders of entrepreneurs to enable them to focus on the parts of the business they are most passionate about.

Most importantly, I think, is that the community supports its members and the company stands by their word.

Besides myself there are many other satisfied customers?

Instead, of quoting a few success stories, let me direct you to a page where people share their experiences with how to sell online.

The reason why these people are successful is threefold:

One, they were determined to succeed, completed their 21 day training, and took action on what they learned.

Two, MOBE gave them proven high value products to sell.

Three, they used marketing materials like sales letters, squeeze pages, and autoresponders crafted by some of the best copywriters in the world.

And three, they received support from coaches and peers, as well as additional traffic training to grow their business.

It’s not for everyone, of course. Only for those who stay hungry, stay foolish, and love to learn ways to expand their horizons.

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