The Minimalist Guide To Blogging Success [Infographic]

How would you like to write epic content every time you wrote a blog post?


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Business Failure? 2 Surprising Reasons For It

Business failure is never definitive. There is always a way to turn things around.

business failure

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Do You Make These 7 Blogging Mistakes?

blogging mistakesBlogging mistakes like writing too much and saying too little are easy to make.

We all want to write engaging blog posts.

It’s something that fills us with a sense of discovery and awakens the reader to a new insight.

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Start An Internet Based Business


“We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life waiting for us.” How do we follow Campbell’s sage advice? Well, economically, you should start an Internet Based Business

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Should You Start A Home Business?

I release all negativity from my life

In order to say, “I release all negativity from my life,” you have to first get “unstuck” from underearning.  Starting a home business can help you thrive. Should you start a home business? Absolutely. [Read more…]

How To Get A Second Chance For Success

my success is my responsibility


It took many, many years before I came to realize that my success is my responsibility. No one is going to give it to me. While other people and businesses may give me a break now and then, the fact remains that my success is my responsibility. Still, I needed a second chance to make up for all those lost opportunities. [Read more…]

Employee Mentality Versus Boss Mentality


When it comes to technology, whether you are building new devices, creating an app, or creating an online business, Steve Jobs’ advice to stay hungry, stay foolish is perfect.  You need both drive and open-minded thinking to be successful. You have to understand the difference between an employee mentality versus boss mentality.
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