<b>What Are  Recurring Problems?</b>

What Are Recurring Problems?

Poverty. Loneliness. Addiction. Despair. Illness. These are recurring problems -- if they come back after you think you’ve resolved them. But the problem cannot be solved with reason. It has to be healed on a deeper emotional level.

<b>Clear Emotional Blocks</b>

Clear Emotional Blocks

This Kindle book offers insights into how to reinvent your life by following a simple process to become the person you want to be. You’ll discover how to make your own breaks by clearing emotional blocks. You’ll finally get rid of stuck states and become a peak performer.

<b>Sculpt Your Ideal Life</b>

Sculpt Your Ideal Life

This book teaches you: how to find work you love, how to be happy, how to win, and how to get things done. You’ll start winning in life by using a simple manifestation technique. But this is much more than the Law of Attraction; it’s an exploration of the hero’s journey.