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I provide well-researched, high-quality articles to fill out your content schedule.

My regular content for your business will improve visibility in search engines with content that ranks for the keywords your customers are using. It will  improve email subscribers and business leads by using content as a lead generation tool. And it will improve engagement on social media by sharing content with your audience.

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A little about me:

I began writing 25 years ago. My first job was a journalist for a management magazine. In this career, I worked in various capacities–as a journalist, copy editor, and magazine editor. I then went back to school and got a Master’s degree in Psychology and became a psychotherapist. Today, I am a business owner, blogger, and published book author.

As a journalist, I wrote articles on how to improve business processes through the application of effective management theories. I traveled around the world interviewing entrepreneurs and business owners of innovative companies about their management processes. Later, as a psychotherapist, I worked with individuals using Rogerian Therapy and ran for alcohol drug abuse support groups. Recently, as an author, I write books on self-improvement themes.