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The Simple Things You Need To Do To 'Find Your Passion And Purpose' 

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Saleem Rana is man who really walks his talk, choosing to play full out and dedicated to being his  authentic self. Over the years I've watched him living a happy, passionate, and fulfilling life.  Isn´t the idea of living the life of our dreams compelling and exciting? In this delightful set of insights, he has succeeded in sharing his secrets. He has a passion for living his best life and a desire to share his ideas with the world. His epiphanies are all dished up as this delicious 30-day plan.

Charlotte Squire, Life Coach

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What Readers Are Saying:

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    Debbie Gradishar, CMP

    Owner, Gradishar Group Meeting Creations, LLC

    Brilliant!  Mr. Rana has taken the principal laws of the absolute-awareness and transformed them into daily exercises and practices that are easy to understand and execute.  When practiced anyone can achieve Passion and Purpose in their life.  They will soon be amazed how pure consciousness starts to manifest in their daily life creating what they truly desire.

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    Harlane Chase, M.A.

    Author of The Stress Aid Kit and Director of The Patisse Art Collection (

    Saleem Rana’s book seems to have emerged from his vast wisdom, knowledge and authenticity as a spiritual soul, sharing from his deep concern for humanity.  He combines cutting-edge scientific information, uplifting self-help techniques, along with universal spiritual principles and practices to provide a clear and inspiring guide to personal success and fulfillment.  I hope you gift yourself with the reading of this beautiful book. 

  • Linda Hardesty

     Publisher of

    Rana has a knack for distilling truths from myriad sources - whether ancient religions, modern psychology or science - into 30 practical and clear-to-understand teachings. Rana also brings his own wise “knowing” to the book. I used this book to clarify my life’s purpose as I contemplated each of the lessons.

So What’s The Book About?

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Reader's 7 Favorite Book Quotes 


  1. "If your life has not gone well, make your mess your message."
  2. "Believe that you'll succeed without needing seagulls flying over your ship to tell you that land is near."
  3. "All difficulties you're experiencing right now are signs you've bumped against a limiting belief."
  4. "You'll sail away from the shallow waters of scarcity and find your way back to the deep ocean of abundance."
  5. "Giving is the key to abundance. And the return on your giving is far greater than any investement you could make in the financial markets."
  6. "Don't let other people's limited vision blur your own--because you can be what you see in your mind's eye.
  7. "It makes a huge difference to your life if you choose to organize your experiences around a noble purpose."

About The Author

Saleem Rana began writing 25 years ago, starting as a journalist for a management magazine. In this career, he worked as a reporter, then as copy editor, and finally as the magazine editor. He wrote articles on how to apply management principles and traveled around the world writing stories about business leaders. Later, he went back to grad school to became a Rogerian therapist. Today, as an author, he writes book that draw on his insights from Management Theory and Psychology.


Get  A $2.99 copy of "How To Find Your Passion And Purpose"  and receive a FREE book, "How To Tap Into Your Superconscious Mind."

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