Get Motivated With Gamification

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Do You Make These 7 Blogging Mistakes?

blogging mistakesBlogging mistakes like writing too much and saying too little are easy to make.

We all want to write engaging blog posts.

It’s something that fills us with a sense of discovery and awakens the reader to a new insight.

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Writing Well: Getting The Words Right

writing wellWriting well made me a wizard who spun spellbinding words.

Even at a young age, I understood the power of words to bend reality.

Used with deft and cunning, words can make improbable things appear possible.

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This Is What Happens When You Chase Illusions

chase illusions

When you chase illusions, you’re preferring the urgent to the important. This will not only leave you empty handed but you’ll also betray your soul.

It’s impossible to find the secrets to life if you chase illusions.

Pursing pleasure alone does not bring you happiness, and it’s often meaningless.

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My Favorite Year: 7 Swashbuckling Ways To “Attack” 2016

my favorite year

My Favorite Year is a movie where Peter O’Toole played Alan Swann. He is a former matinee idol forced out of retirement to pay his debts. In a pivotal scene, he swaggers out of the dressing room dressed as a musketeer.

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How To Overcome A Personal Crisis

personal crisis

We all know famous people who rise to great heights in their profession only to lose it all overnight.


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Warning: Is Your Self-Concept Ruining Your Life?


Your self-concept creates your attitude. If it’s positive, you’ll develop a positive attitude. Developing a positive attitude results in positive experiences.

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